How It Works

At InteriMarket, we’re breaking down complex processes and multiple handlings involved in connecting recruiters and jobs-seekers in longer term consulting or contract employment. Our focus is on connecting small project teams, businesses of up to 10 employees or associates with the right people to support near and long term projects and assignments. Sign-up is free, easy and quick. Use your LinkedIn or Google + profile, or other IM details and get connected.

Our current services include:

  • Networking in a Minute: Our interface makes connecting, messaging, inviting contacts and engaging groups seamless. Knowledge-sharing and collaborative working activities are completely free.

  • Interim Job Searching: Find jobs based on your core competencies and accurate keyword search results. Fine-tune searches to meet your specific geographic location, availability and skill-set more accurately.

  • Completely Free: InteriMarket is 100% free for our Interim professionals, so they can network, make new connections and share information. We will also be introducing interim jobs to the platform in the near future so Interim professionals can browse the opportunities and get their profiles noticed swiftly.

  • Smart Jobs Advertising: Smart jobs means recruiters find the right candidate with the right skills through matching core competencies and other attributes with their exacting requirements. The InteriMarket platform is designed to correlate and link recruiters and jobs seekers through intelligent data-matching.

  • Talent Scout: Search for talent based on relevant core competencies and keywords, or perform additional searches through location and duration, allowing you to really hone in on your talent pool effectively.

Ensure you get the most out of InteriMarket by filling out your profile comprehensively. Sell yourself, your team or your business effectively by getting creative on your one-minute video to make your profile engaging and interactive. For recruiters, refer to our hints and tips to help you further develop your smart jobs and conduct talent scouts. Look out for additional feature-releases currently under development that provide further end-to-end services. You can also contact us for any other questions or comments.