Five of the most exciting career prospects for 2017

Author: Bhumika Zhaveri

Five of the most exciting career prospects for 2017

At InteriMarket, we’re all set for a 2017 packed with great new features, updates and a host of new career prospects for our members. We’ve seen a few humdingers for jobs on the platform and are happy to see our members seize these great opportunities to further their careers as interim managers.


We identified five of the most rewarding career prospects for the year ahead and am sure you’ll find many similar opportunities on our platform in the coming months. Enjoy!


  1. Finance Manager

This has been one of the most popular positions on InteriMarket to date. Finance Managers typically enjoy great salaries and high demand for their skills across many different industries. As a role that is less susceptible to jobs cuts and other economic influencers, Finance Managers can look to build thriving careers in their fields. With high earning potential for both interim and permanent FMs, 2017 holds a lot of promise for the financially gifted professional. Here’s a quick look at just some of the current positions in this field on our platform.


  1. HR Manager

Probably more susceptible to job cuts than their colleagues in Financial Management, HR Managers still enjoy a high demand in the UK’s employment sector. According to research by HR Review, “over half of interim managers are being hired to provide specialist skills that are absent in businesses, 41% of interims are being brought in to design or implement new business strategies and 38% to deliver special projects.” With pay rates on the increase and a steady rise in demand for interim HR consultants, the potential for great earnings and a rewarding career in the field are in abundant supply.


  1. Project Manager

Project Managers enjoy new and challenging tasks with every new undertaking. Sought after for their ability to lead from the front with attention to detail and strong people management skills, PMs can look forward to a year of massive employment opportunities. Project Management is one of the most rewarding career choices for interim managers who enjoy the intensity and diversity of the projects they work on. No project is ever the same and the plethora of skills seasoned PMs accumulate make them highly prized players in their field.


  1. Software Engineer

If you’re a player in the software industry, you get full marks for making good career choices. Fewer pros are in more demand than software developers who have what it takes to manage the technical aspects of building software systems, directing programming teams, scheduling, testing and releasing great products. With the average base salary coming in at £40 000 annually and over 20 000 job openings for the year, the opportunities to kick-start a great career in software development are in abundant supply. Here’s a look at a few software engineer jobs on InteriMarket.


  1. Marketing Director

Brand management has become a sort of esoteric discipline, mastered only by the initiated. A great brand can take virtually any small business and turn it into a worldwide sensation overnight. That’s what makes the best marketing managers such sought after talent - and it shows in the numbers. Marketing Land predicts that digital marketing jobs will hit 150,000 by 2020 and that, “…digital marketing salaries are rising and Ireland’s digital economy will soon be worth £21.1bn.” With the average annual salary for senior marketing executives at around £65 000 and with the world of digital content marketing reshaping the advertising industry, the demand for the most innovative and creative minds in this exciting career field is set to rise in 2017 and far beyond.


Here’s to a successful and rewarding year in employment

It certainly has been a year of sorts and we’re looking forward to beginning 2017 on a high note with some great new features being released in the coming months. Look out for amazing career opportunities such as the ones mentioned above and much, much more on the UK’s pioneering solution for interim professionals and talent seekers. If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up with InteriMarket today.