About Us

At InteriMarket, we believe that technology can help us reach far beyond the limitations of yesteryear. We’re building an ecosystem that harnesses best-in-breed technology, coupled with years of experience and expertise in both Tech and Human Resources, to facilitate rewarding partnerships between recruiters and job seekers.

Our values are simple, yet carried us from inception to completion of InteriMarket, and continue to do so as we develop a talent and employment sourcing solution that speaks to the needs of modern workforces and organisations.

This platform is built by Interims for Interims, meet our awesome founding team:

Bhumika Zhaveri

Founder & CEO

Over 10 years industry experience Passionate about people, change and growth

Prashant Chamarty

Co-Founder & CTO

Over 12 years industry experience Passionate about technology, disruption and cloud

Roma Sharma

Head of Sales

Over 15 years industry expertise Passionate about relationships, networking and sales

We also have a few Interim experts and a small tech team as we live and breathe our values of helping Interims, flexible working and supporting Interims.

Here’s what we believe in

Quality: With over ten years of experience, we take pride in pouring our knowledge, expertise and hearts into a platform we believe in.

Simplicity: InteriMarket is simple and easy to use. Members enjoy the full flexibility of our cutting-edge cloud hosted platform through a seamless experience.

Innovative: We’re always looking to improve mundane processes through technology and our drive to deliver the best interim employment platform.

Trust: We treat our customers’ information like we treat our own: with integrity and care. We value your privacy and will never mine your data for profit.


Hub of All Interim Recruitment and Management.